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Once seen as tools for a niche market, air nailers and staplers can now be found in thousands of premises around the UK ; and it isn't just pallet and fencing manufacturers who rely on them for the day to day running of their operations.

The construction sector has seen rapid growth linked in no small way to the advent of timber frame systems, and no self-respecting export packer or case maker would be without an extensive range of nailers of various sizes. However, we now see these tools in the most unlikely of locations thanks in the main to an increasing number of companies prepared to handle their own case making or pallet requirements, or who now recycle pallets in-house to save on their packaging costs.

When added to the substantial marketplace that already exists for packaging staplers we are rarely surprised by the varied lines of business that users can be in, but we do know how reliant they can be on these tools and that is why, whether simply attaching labels to timber or producing the largest of export cases, we don't just provide our customers with a product but a whole service package.

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